The simple solution to sustained wellness for women over 40

without soul sucking quick fixes, restrictive eating plans or over the top workouts.

The simple solution to sustained wellness for women over 40

without soul sucking quick fixes, restrictive eating plans or over the top workouts.

You are a confident and driven woman on a mission to live a well balanced lifestyle that prioritizes your fitness, your work goals and your eating habits.

The problem?

You don’t know how.

Your hormones are changing as your age.

Life is becoming more & more overwhelming and instead of focusing on your priorities, you’re sneaking cookies at 11:00 pm to dull the overwhelm that you are feeling.

Sure, there's no shortage of quick fix programs promising you to lose 10 lbs in 10 days, but every single time you sign up hoping that THIS will be the time to loose that extra weight, to feel better mentally, and start eating better, you find you are struggling against the changes in your life, in your body and in your mind.

All of this leads to a crisis of overwhelm, a lack of confidence and a crushing feeling you'll never get your life in control no matter what you try.

But now is the time for a new direction in your life, because allowing you to feel good in your body & in your mind is what I do.

I will bring clarity to your understanding of the broken patterns that you have been struggling with in your life. This is not about blaming or shaming, good vs. bad. This is about taking an analytical approach to create healthier patterns in your life for realistic weight loss, improved sleep and regular eating schedule that are actually sustainable.

Join me for a virtual workout right from the comfort of your own home. No-low-high impact options offered with strength training & a core focus throughout!

30 days of delicious, recipes with 4 easy shopping lists & a what-to-eat-when calendar designed just for the busy woman who doesn't have the time to cook healthy.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I share my insider tips & advice all for free! Based in how we think, how we fuel and how we move, there's something for everyone!

It's nice to meet you

My name is Kristen Herlihy.

I am a psychotherapist, health coach, fitness fanatic and gluten free mom of two.

After 25+ years working as a clinical social worker & a psychotherapist, I began to realize how much we as women were missing out on when it came to our wellness. I would see client after client trying to improve her mindset while eating junk food to comfort herself. Or she would do soul crushing workouts, but still not like what she saw in the mirror and she couldn't figure out what was missing.

What was missing was not about judgement or seeing yourself as broken. What was missing was the insight, analysis and habit formation only offered through psychology.

That is what I do - I will help you to feel good in your body & your mind again through one healthy, integrated change at a time.

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Phoebe, mom of two and a full time teacher, on her experience with my 30 Day Meal Plan Solution

"My family was descending into a cycle of unhealthy quick meals because I had no time to plan the meals for the week and was constantly unprepared for dinner each night.
I got a lot of new ideas for meals that we will use from now on. I now make a more detailed plan for meals each weekend, adding in our healthy favorites with new ones I learned on the program.

I learned that my kids are willing to try a wide variety of foods, and that they like more foods than I thought they would. I was surprised that some healthy meals were not as difficult to prepare as I thought."

Sarah, full time working mom of two, on her experience with the REfine from Within 9 Week Method:


"I find that I am now making the time now to focus more on myself. I just feel better, and my whole digestion just feels better. I do well with routine, which is why I chose this program. I hadn't done anything since my kids were born in terms of setting up a routine for myself.

I am seeing more 'definition' in my muscles, and I like the accountability of the heart rate monitor. I find that I am more conscious of my choices and mindset."

Catherine, full time working mom of two on her experience with my morning fitness classes

"As someone who struggles with fitness motivation, the commitment to my own fitness routine has been the best result. Kristen helps me to understand it's not 'go big or go home.' One of my biggest concerns was that I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up. What's most important is showing up and giving what you can in the moment.

Since working with Kristen, my energy is more consistent throughout the day and I feel stronger in a way that gives me more confidence in my movement. In addition, my mood has really improved."

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