Imagine having 30 Days of done-for-you, nutrient dense, delicious recipes at your fingertips that will instantly take the overwhelm out of your daily cooking routine...

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By not planning ahead and preparing nutrient dense meals, you are sabotaging your wellness efforts,
no matter how hard you try in the gym.
Discover the simple solution to scheduled & healthy meal prep without wasting time in the kitchen or money on spoiled ingredients.

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30 days of nutritious and delicious recipes just for you - easy and simple!


These nutrient dense recipes get you in the kitchen preparing healthy meals each day


4 shopping lists to take the guesswork out of the grocery aisle and to free up time for you!


An easy to follow what-to-eat-when calendar so that you'll have one less decision to make in your day!

Finally - an answer to meal prep for the driven yet overcommitted woman!

  • You'll enjoy 30 days of done for you recipes, shopping lists and a what-to-eat-when calendar.

  • I'll show you how to live free of

  • the overwhelm of mealtime decision making and free up more time for YOU.

  • Allow yourself to easily feed you & yours healthy, delicious meals in less time than delivery and in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Here is what one of my clients shared about her experience

with the 30 Day Meal Plan Solution:

"My family was descending into a cycle of unhealthy quick meals because I had no time to plan the meals for the week and was constantly unprepared for dinner each night. Also, I wanted some help with structure for weekly healthy meals.I learned that my kids are willing to try a wide variety of foods, and that they like more foods than I thought they would. I was surprised that some healthy meals were not as difficult to prepare as I thought."

-Phoebe, full time teacher and mom of two