Stop the overwhelm of trying to figure out how to get healthy in order to stay fit for life.

A 6 week digital program for driven & action oriented women who are looking to REset their wellness routine. Let go of the struggle with perfection and embrace the power of consistency for a realistic yet effective wellness routine that you can actually follow.

You know that having a consistent schedule for eating well and getting regular movement is important, but...

There’s just one problem...

you’re already strapped for time and energy in your busy lifestyle.

Plus, this overwhelm is turning into


resentment towards your family

resentment towards your job and worse of all,

resentment towards yourself

Right now, you're feeling the frustration that goes

hand-in-hand with being...


You want more time for fitness, but struggle with that never ending to-do list. This leaves you either skipping those workouts or not seeing the results that you wanted in the first place, and now you don't feel comfortable in your own body anymore.


You want to eat healthier, but don’t want to eat seaweed everyday. You hate giving up the foods that you love, but you cannot seem to find a way to balance healthy eating in your busy schedule. Plus, you honestly don’t know where to start.


You've invested too much of your precious time and energy into all this in the past, but you quickly fell back into your old habits. You know that you need a structure and a guide, but don’t want to waste time, money or energy on yet another quick fix.

Self care is not an easy thing to prioritize.

I know that it can feel like one more thing to add on

your never ending to-do list.

You’re doing too many things to benefit others, yet not prioritizing your own self, your own needs.Looking after yourself has been long forgotten and now you are reaching that breaking point where it all might come crashing down.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can have a regular fitness schedule and healthy eating plan that fits into your life without giving anything up through unrealistic restrictions or plans that require perfection from you.

Imagine having a weekly email focused on either rebuilding your nutrition skills or on rebuilding movement into your day...

Kristen Herlihy, LICSW

Psychotherapist, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

You’ve been told that you did not “do the program” right, which is why you failed in seeing or in even maintaining results.

But that’s not true…because there was a key component missing from what you have tried before.

What you really need is the power of insight that only comes from psychology.

I’ve done this for nearly 30 years and I know that being able to make any change is impossible without equal parts of both accountability and insight.

Just imagine how good it will FEEL to have an easy to follow program focused on what to eat or how to move - no more guesswork!!

  • Being able to wake up every morning feeling confident that you know how you will get your fitness and nutrition needs covered.

  • Letting go of the overwhelm and confusion of not knowing what to do next and instead dialing into customized coaching program each and every week.

  • Having a proven routine for your entire wellness - how you think, how you move and how you fuel - all in one easy to access location

Imagine if your life could be like this...

If this is what you are craving,

I invite you to invest in...

A 6 week digital program with focused nutrition or fitness skills - you choose - so that you can create a small yet effective changes for your body.

Finally give yourself the clarity to embrace consistency in your wellness routine without wasting another minute, another $ or another ounce of your precious energy.

Here is what is included with the REset Digital program, where you can choose the nutrition track with REset Your Plate or the fitness track with REset your Movement, or you can choose both:


  • Learn the safe and effective moves that are best for your 40+ body and lifestyle.

  • Integrate fitness science into your workouts.

  • Discover which equipment can get you the results that you are looking for.

  • Create a fitness routine that can actually work for your schedule.


  • Learn how to focus on being consistently good vs occasionally perfect.

  • Understand the right nutritional numbers that you can actually use & follow.

  • Create a list of foods that you can have regularly to help yourself feel better.

  • Know the needs of your body at this stage, and eat in a balanced and healthy way.


  • Choose both paths for yourself - movement and nutrition.

  • Discover how to integrate these skills slowly over time so that you can learn.

  • Experience new skills on how to safely and effectively move and fuel your body.

  • REset your routine so that you can FINALLY create consistency for yourself.

A new path towards your wellness

I’m going to guide you through exactly what to focus on each week so that you will lose weight, eat in a nutrient dense way and create regular, daily movement.

Not only will you learn what to do, you will be able to know how to sustain these skills for a lifetime.

Let go of confusion, overwhelm and frustration and finally create a structured plan for wellness.


  • Receive a FREE copy of my 30 Day Meal Plan Solution - 30 days of done for you recipes + shopping lists + a what-to-eat when calendar - exclusive with the REset Your Plate program!

  • Receive a FREE warm up & cool down video - know exactly how to engage your cardiovascular system, muscles and joints, no matter your workouts - exclusive with the REset Your Movement program!

  • Receive BOTH the warm up & cool down video AND the 30 Day Meal Plan Solution by purchasing both programs for a low combo price!

Everything that you will need to REset your wellness foundation

All of this for just $97 for one program or $147 for both!

Finding all of these answers on your own


You do not want to go this way again...

  • securing a therapist to explore the psychology behind your thoughts and decision making skills at $150/session

  • getting a nutritionist to determine what you should eat at $60-90 per hour long session

  • finding a personal trainer to show you effective moves at $75-100 per session

  • struggling with the same problems again and not finding that solution

  • waking up and feeling like you cannot find a different way

  • wondering why you have gone down the same path AGAIN without lasting benefits

This is for you if...

  • you are struggling with balancing work life, home life and wellness

  • you have tried other methods before but were not able to sustain them afterwards

  • you are looking for an organized and direct approach to wellness

  • you are seeking one stop shopping for your mind, your stomach and your muscles

  • you are coachable and open to suggestions, challenges and trying new methods

This is not for you if...

  • you are not interested in building daily skills for wellness

  • you are looking for a quick fix style approach towards feeling better or losing weight

  • you are not willing to hear feedback and suggestions on how to refine your skills

  • you are not willing to make healthy changes and to feel better starting on day one

  • you are not able to commit to reading each weekly email and engaging with the content

How will the program work?

Each week, you will receive fitness OR nutrition coaching via your email.  If you have chosen BOTH programs, then you will follow along with each individual program weekly email. Each week I will also include education skills based in psychology, nutrition and fitness, so that you can learn incrementally as you go. It is up to you to open each weekly lesson and engage with the content

How much time will this be each week?

You can expect to receive one email each week. Each email will include a 15-20 minute video on that week's content, one worksheet for you to download and use and one clickable link to check out a new resource. You should plan on spending about 30-45 minutes each week on the content as you learn how to integrate it your lifestyle.

Are you going to be my nutritionist?

Although I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist, I am able to speak towards healthy eating, gaining a positive mindset over food and to share recipes that can work for your family.  Please keep in mind that you need to adjust any recipes for your own food sensitivities or allergies. 

You are a therapist - will you be my therapist?

Although I am a licensed therapist, I will not be your individual therapist.  I will share concepts related to cognitive behavioral skills, techniques from psychology and self help skills however I will point you towards your medical health provider and/or insurance if you want further mental health guidance. 

Are we going to be eating bland/ diet foods?

I love this question, because no, we will not!  I will show you ways that you can balance your nutrient dense food with calorie dense favorites without having to punish or restrict yourself.  Healthy eating is about giving yourself nutrient dense treats, and not feeling like you have to cheat. 

What kinds of fitness moves will we learn?

I will show you fitness moves based in fitness science for the 40+ women. You can choose your level of intensity as well as impact.  As always, please check with your medical provider to ensure that you are cleared for fitness.

Not sure which one to choose?

Book a free connection call with me, and we can explore your individual wellness goals.