Move beyond your tired and frustrating fitness routine that is just not giving you the results that you want. Find a new way to workout right from home as a compliment to your spring fitness!

Join in for a FREE Virtual Fitness OPEN HOUSE Class

on Tuesday, April 2nd.

REset 2024 with a result driven fitness program designed for busy women 40+ who are looking to build muscle, strengthen her cardiovascular system and maintain a healthy mindset.

REset Virtual Fitness Registration is always OPEN

Your next workout awaits you!

  • join in on our high intensity interval training class right from the comfort of your own home

  • taught at three levels of intensity and impact so there is something for everyone

  • use the equipment that you already have for this versatile workout, covering cardio + strength + core

Who is this class for?

  • Women 40+ looking for a full body workout with adjustable impact levels

  • Women who are not currently pregnant and are cleared for fitness

  • Women who want to feel better after just one hour of fitness!

Virtual Fitness Classes designed for the 40+ woman

Discover the power of fitness coaching to tone your mid section, build up your cardiovascular strength and have fun while getting stronger!

What equipment will I need to have at home?

For our class, we use dumbbells, a resistance band and a Pilates style ball.  That's everything!  Plus, if you would like to purchase the resistance band or Pilates ball from me, I would be happy to get you started.

What if I am worried that I will not be able to keep up?

This is a very common concern, and we all start with our first class.  Everyone in my class started at one time so feel free to enjoy a first class free and see how it feels.  I also teach the class at three levels (no impact/low intensity to low impact/medium intensity to high impact/high intensity) so find what works for you.  p.s. Ever wonder what a first fitness class is like for an instructor?  Just DM me about my first ever step aerobics class back in the day - we all start at our first class and I'd love to share that story with you!

What if I am coming back from injury/illness - is this the right class for me?

This is why I always offer a first class free and teach through modifications.  We all have times when our body does not respond the way that we want, so give it a try and see how you feel.  As always, seek the medical advice from your medical provider and be sure that you are cleared for fitness before starting any fitness program.

Please keep in mind that all classes run on a membership basis and automatically renew each month. Please notify [email protected] for any changes to your membership level.